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All children deserve the opportunity to be healthy, but most do not know how to plan for their health, or why it is important they do so. Champions For Health believes it is critical to give our children the tools and knowledge for them to take ownership of their health. We want to ignite a desire among children to develop healthy lifestyles now when they are young, as these habits and knowledge will follow them into adulthood.

We believe schools can play an essential role in the overall health of students by providing healthy foods on campus, teaching children about healthy food choices and engaging them in vigorous physical activity. 

What is the benefit to schools? Research shows healthy students are better academic achievers, which is an outcome all schools in Arkansas are seeking. Our children must learn to take charge of their health, as maintaining health will be a pivotal factor to achieve their dreams for a happy and successful life.

The below list of interventions will be introduced during the 2018-2019 school year for the students:

Physical Activity Component

  • Award-winning SPARK PE Curriculum

  • Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) Curriculum: CATCH provides evidence-based classroom lessons focused on nutrition

  • FitnessGram: This software tool developed by The Cooper Institute measures the health of students by assigning fitness zones. Each of the test items assess important aspects of a student's health-related fitness, not skill or agility.

  • Structured recess: SPARK activities will be integrated during recess so that all students are physically active a minimum of 30 minutes per day.

  • GoNoodle: Learning modules that include short bursts of fun physical movement to get kids up and moving!

  • Running/Walking Club: This club will meet before or after school time and will encourage physical activity for the participants, both students and school staff. 

Nutrition Component

  • Lunch Programs: Educational presentations focused on motivating students to make healthy choices

  • Field Trips: Educational field trips to the Arkansas Heart Hospital garden, plus tours to local grocery stores to learn how to shop healthy on a budget

  • Rethink Your Drink challenges and activities to educate about the adverse health impact of sugar-sweetened beverage consumption

  • Learning to grow and prepare homegrown produce

  • Promote healthy choices in the lunchroom and at home

  • Provide water as a choice in the cafeteria (pending a sponsor)

  • Fresh fruit offerings at lunch and breakfast (pending a sponsor and school approval)