What We Did

In the 2018-2019 school year, we launched our pilot program at Morrilton Intermediate School in order to help improve the health of students. We also included adult teachers and staff at the school, as these leaders can directly inspire students to make healthier choices through leading by example.

Our initiatives included the following for students:

  • Placement of water stations in the school cafeteria

  • Tower gardens in the science lab

  • Student fitness assessments

Our initiatives included the following for teachers:

  • Adult biometric screenings at the beginning and end of the school year

  • Year-long professional health coaching sessions

  • Lunch-and-learn sessions promoting healthy topics

  • Education on how to implement activity sessions for students during class

The Difference We Made

At the end of the school year, surveys were fielded to students, teachers and staff to assess perceptions about the Champions For Health initiatives, and identify health behavior and lifestyle changes that occurred over the course of the school year.